Sonia Kamran

Sonia Kamram

Sonia is 17 and lives in Ontario. She is currently about to go into her first year of nursing school. Even though she is not studying the Arts, she is incredibly passionate about digital art and would consider herself to be a rookie graphic designer. She has created logos for friends and school clubs, and she designed her high school’s yearbook. She also has a love for paper crafts, painting, jewelry making, and any form of crafting out there. In fact, she is starting a small business where she'll be selling handmade polymer clay jewelry by the name of S.K. Dream Jewelry.

She describes her art as experimental with the use of different styles and mediums. She often incorporates her own emotional expression and always considers the graphic design aspect to her artwork. She particularly enjoys creating fantasy or sci fi designs with bold colours. Although she is still young in her art journey, she constantly practices her skills.

She hopes to inspire young people to follow their passions no matter what they are studying. In the future, she intends to pursue her handmade jewelry business while in university and continue to experiment with other art mediums to continue her artistic journey.