Isaac Thomas

"To me, good graphic design makes people happy in a way that they can't even recognize. When you put effort and knowledge into designing a world where everything is a joy to look at it, it puts smiles on faces. Smiling is a major part of living a long healthy life.
My name is Isaac Thomas, I currently live in Shellbrook SK, but grew up in Kamsack SK. I have lived in Regina, Yorkton, and Saskatoon, and feel close to all of those places.
I have been focused on graphic design as a hobby for most of my life, constantly saving pictures I liked onto the family computer, then onto my own, Tumblr, and Pinterest. I don’t have any formal training in graphic design, but I’ve definitely put in my 10,000 hours consuming and making art for fun.
Initially, I wanted to have my own skateboard oriented clothing brand. My friends and I would make videos for the brand under the name Unlegit, all the while practicing my art and design skills with various graphics, animations, and posters.
Moving to Saskatoon I got a job at Hardpressed where I learned everything there is to know about screen printing. I got to see many different designs come through the process and found out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to design and printing.
Life circumstances offered me the opportunity to start Glad Line and solely focus on graphic design, and here I am now, ready to work with you."