The Lover, The Fool and Me Print

The Lover, The Fool and Me Print

Leandra Brandson
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Artist: Leandra Brandson

Archival screen print on stonehenge rag paper. 20" x 20".

From Leandra:
I based "The Lover, The Fool and Me" on the concept of the romantic, the realist and the idealist as character archetypes. While there are three people standing together, it's not necessarily clear to the viewer who is who in this altercation. I wanted to work with this idea of anonymity in a social situation in which there is a perpetrator, a witness and a victim. I gave them masks to both obscure their faces and to give them an implied personality. The viewer then automatically assigns characteristics to a figure based on an appearance when they don't really know the person pictured at all, and never will.

A lot of my work deals with concepts of gender performance, trying to confront and subvert societal expectation. I'm really interested in how people "fit" with one another, and how we take up space in a room. I'm currently attending the University of Manitoba to pursue my BFA in ceramics, but I've found myself dabbling in ink more and more as time progresses. I've found that the past two years of my degree have been focused on the physical space that my sculptures inhabit, and I've only just now begun thinking about the implied space that artwork can inhabit on a grander scale. I'm really interested in colour and how it changes how something is perceived, its always so drastic and fun!