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Wynn grew up on Canada’s West Coast in the town of Brentwood Bay, British Columbia. Currently he lives, works and travels around different parts of Canada, spending most of his time on the east coast.

His art education is informal, the product of many years spent drawing during classes he says he should’ve otherwise been listening more carefully to. He's fascinated by the beauty and absurdity of everyday life, and the fleeting moments that it is made up of.

He tries to reflect this both in the abstract imagery of his work and in the playfully existential feelings which he tries to convey with words. He hopes to make art that is easy to enjoy yet thought provoking, in a way that encourages the considerate examination of the little feelings which wander through our heads on a daily basis. He approach these ideas with a levity to try to take the edge off of what can at times be a heavy existence, and to allow us each to take ourselves a little less seriously.


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